Tuesday, May 8, 2012


On May 1st and 2nd ELF was having a promotion, when you spend $20 you received a free $20 value mystery bag. I’ve never ordered a mystery bag before and I was so excited. I really love ELF I think they are a great company especially if you are just starting out. Also they are affordable and cruelty free! I believe they also have some vegan items as well. So lets get started!

First lets start with what I ordered:
1. Flawless finish foundation in the shade sand. I absolutely love this foundation and have talked about it a couple of times on here so I won’t go into great detail, but here is my review if you are interested. 
2. Next I ordered a new product from ELF, the lip exfoliator. I’ve used this once already and it definitely made my lips more smooth. Make sure to follow the directions and dampen your lips before using. 
3. OF course I had to order a backup of my FAVORITE liquid eyeliner. I love ELF’s eyeliner so much! The brush allows for the most precise line and the best part is it only costs a dollar.
4. Next I ordered the stipple brush from the studio line. I don’t own a stipple brush and I was very curious. I used it only once  to apply my foundation so I’m still not sure how I feel about it, since I am still really addicted to my beauty blender. 
5. I also ordered the corrective concealer palette. It comes with four different colors. I really enjoy this product, I like using the green shade to diminish redness. My only complaint is that I don’t really care for the brush applicator, I prefer to use concealer brush from the studio line.
6. I really wanted a fun lipgloss in a shade that I don’t own. So the glossy gloss funky fuchsia was perfect. It is a really vibrant color but it goes on sheer for a more natural look, or easily buildable for a bold look. I really enjoy the glossy glosses from ELF, they are moisiturizing and don’t have any weird smell and the shades are beautiful.
7. Lastly I ordered the Dramatic lash kit. I really enjoy the natural lash kits, but I watched a video on youtube from Steph of SMLX0  and she said the dramatic kit from ELF is one of her favorites, so I wanted to give them a try. I haven’t worn them yet, so I’ll keep ya posted.
Those are the items I ordered myself, now on to the mystery bag!!
1. The 32 piece eyeshadow palette in warm! I was so happy to see this because I had my eye on it, but I’ve been trying not to buy eyeshadow for a while, since I already have so many palettes. I’m so glad they sent this to me the colors are beautiful and perfect for spring/summer.
2. Next up is the # piece eye set. Which comes with two primers one in champagne and one in nude as well as a lengthening and defining mascara. I haven’t tried the primers yet, but the mascara is great! It doesn’t make my lashes clump at all. 
3. Mineral lip gloss in crystal clear. Surprisingly I don’t own a clear gloss so this is great. Very hydrating.
4. They also sent me a brush! It is the flat eyeliner brush from the mineral line. You can never have too many brushes!
5. Next they sent me a liquid eyeliner in ash a cool grey color. Something I probably wouldn’t order myself but is nice to have in my collection.
6. The last thing they sent me was a studio matte eye shadow in burnt brown. This color is gorgeous!! A perfect neutral shade! I can’t wait to wear it. 
TinK xX

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