Sunday, May 20, 2012


hi. pepp here. ::gasp:: shocking i know. ive been seriously m.i.a. but with summer coming ill have a lot more free time so youll be hearing from me a lot more. (im sorry ahead of time.) anywho. for my first post in a crazy long time i wanted to talk about of my favorite things in the whole wide world. nail polish. i love getting manicures but they chip so easy and i really dont want to get one every week (if you havent noticed by now im cheap) and while gel manicures last much longer they destroy your nails because they have to file your nails so thin and you get that weird ridge. so ive been doing it at home and one of my all time favorite products is the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips. i love polish strips because when trying to do my own manicure it tends to look like a five year old painted my right hand and i always smudge. ive tried all of the nail polish strips and sallys is by far my favorite. its relatively easy when you get the hang of it and ive had it last up to two and a half weeks which i consider a huge win.
i know i know nail polish strips have been around for awhile so its not exactly breaking news but my excitement today is from finding the new rock of ages line in my local drugstore. specifically “beat you to it!”, a bright super-sparkley kelly green. (im obsessed. i love green. im staring at my nails. its a problem.)
i definitely recommend all of sallys line of polish strips. each box comes with the polish strips, a small file, a stick thingy and directions. its important to follow the directions but i have a few tips that will save you time, money and make them last longer.
first off dont open both packages of the nail strips, my father actually figured out that you could actually get two uses. yes my father. one day when i was visiting him and doing my nails he came up with the idea to use both sides of the strip because in the method that the directions tells you would waste a lot. if you are using for the first time go slow. remove the strip from both the plastic and the paper. now remove the little holder very carefully not the rip the bottom and use the one side. carefully cut or pull the bottom half off making sure not to warp or rip it. then use the other side on the other hand.
you dont need to go as crazy with that weird stick as the directions tell you. just rub firmly with your fingers and it should stay perfectly. do not rub until you are sure it is in the spot you want or else you are out of luck because it is not going anywhere. to finish it off cover with a strong topcoat i recommend the new revlon gel kind. once that dries you are set. admire away. just every few days reapply the top coat.
cheap. long lasting. perfect.
ta ta for now.
<3 pepp.

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