Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ombre Hair Trend

Hey guys!,

So I'm finally going to do my ombre hair post. I dyed my hair about two weeks ago and have been meaning to get this up. I love the ombre trend, I think it is so pretty and great for fall. I especially love this trend when the hair is styled wavy.

The ombre trend can be subtle or more dramatic depending on your taste. I think it is something that can be tailored to the individual and looks good on everyone. 
So basically I did a lot of research on how people achieved the look on their own. I was willing to pay for a professional to do it but if I could save a little money and do it myself that would be a win, win. 
I watched a bunch of youtube videos and remembered that one of my favorite youtube beauty gurus Nicole Guerriero of NGuerriero19 had a DIY Ombre video. Seriously this video was SO helpful!! 
here is the link -> DIYOMBREHAIR  If you are thinking of doing it yourself check this video out.
<- Nicole's ombre hair.

All you need is some bleach and a tooth brush!! I'm serious!
This is the bleach I used:
The process is really simple you basically part your hair the way you normally do and use the tooth brush to paint on the highlights. Be sure to make sure they are even on both sides. You can bring the highlights up a little higher wherever you want. It was so easy to do. I wish I took photos so I could demonstrate the process. But honestly if you follow Nicole's video you will have great results. 
If your hair is really dark you may need to keep the bleach on a little longer I left mine on for about a half hour. I actually did this style to my mom, her hair was really dark so we had to repeat the process to get rid of the brassy orange. 
If your hair is not that dark on top but you would like it to be you could use a regular brown dye and touch up your roots (thats what Nicole does in the video). 
These are my results:
I love the way my hair turned out!! Let me know if you guys try the ombre trend!!

Goodnight :) 

TinK xX

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