Monday, October 29, 2012

Hi guys!,

This is my final installment of my drugstore favorites. In this post I am going to share with you my favorite drugstore lip products! I have so many and there are a few you have seen a lot on this blog, ha! Mainly revlon products, but I am seriously a big fan of their lip products!

So lets begin:

First I thought I would share the ELF Lip Exfoliator I love using this product when my lips feel extra dry, it helps to make them nice and smooth. You can find this product at for $3.
Next up are two of my favorite lip balms
First is the maybelline baby lips in peppermint. I didn't get a tinted one because I bought the product to use as a chapstick. Before I put on my makeup I put some of this on my lips so that my lips have some moisture before I put on any lipstick. $3-4

The other lip balm is EOS in sweet mint. I adore this product. It has a waxy feel but definitely has been a go to product while the weather gets colder. $3-4
I thought I would also include a lip pencil. I picked NYX's in natural. Its pretty standard. Besides this one I think ELF has some nice ones for an affordable price. I happen to really like the lip pencils included in the Disney Villains palettes. $2-4

I'll separate the rest by brand so first up in ELF. I love their glossy gloss in sweet salmon. It is a perfect pinky nude almost peachy lip gloss. Perfect overtop of a nude lip. $3

As I mentioned I am a big Revlon fan, so I picked three lip products for this post. First is my all time favorite nude lipstick. Revlon Lip Butter in Creme Brulee. This is such a perfect nude it has a more brown undertone than an orange one and is super moisturizing because it is a lip butter. This is a product I would definitely repurchase. $6-8

Next is another nude. Also by Revlon it is their colorburst lipstick in soft nude. The undertone on this is slightly more orange than creme brulee. I love to pair the two together. $7-9

The last product from Revlon is of course the just bitten kissable balm stain in crush. You guys are probably sick of hearing about this one, but it truly is an absolute favorite. $7-9

Maybelline has some pretty lipsticks as well. I really love their nude nuances number 865. Its another nude, of course but this one is more on the pink side. Unfortunately the color is limited edition, you can probably find it online, on ebay maybe.

The other maybelline lipstick I picked is 140 fuchsia fever. This is a bright pink color perfect for a bold lip. $6-8

Another lipstick I have mentioned on this blog is Rimmel London's Lasting finish by Kate Moss in 01. This color is the perfect true red color. It is certainly my go to red. $4-6

The last product I want to mention is sort of an honorable mention because I am not sure it counts as drugstore. It is Avon's glazewear liquid lip color in real red. My best friend gave it to me a while back and I love it! It is a rich red almost gloss but definitely more opaque. I had trouble finding it on the avon website I think they may have changed the packaging but I did see it on amazon for around $3. I would check with your local avon rep. or try the website you may have better luck.

Well there you have it my favorite drugstore lip products! It was so much fun going through all my makeup and choosing favorites! 

Hope you all have a great day!

TinK xX

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