Wednesday, November 7, 2012

ELF Natural Eye Palette Review

Hey guys,

First I am sorry for the delay in posts we were hit pretty hard here in NYC with hurricane Sandy. I just had my power turned back on yesterday. I consider myself very lucky.
Now this post is all about Elf's natural eye palette. I really don't need anymore neutrals but I couldn't resist. I picked this palette up at Wallgreen's for $4.99.

The color selection is great, it reminds me of Urban Decay's naked palettes. However I will say the quality is not exactly the same but its a fraction of the cost. The lighter shades are a little bit chalky but nothing so bad I couldn't work with it.
The shadows have a somewhat satin finish. There is only one shadow with really noticeable shimmer.
I really like the warm brown shades as well as the mid tone colors for warming up the crease.
I would recommend this palette for anyone who loves neutral eyeshadows but isn't ready or willing to spend $50. The selection is great and can be used for a variety of looks.
The palette also comes with an applicator, brown eyeliner pencil and also includes some helpful tips.
Above is a swatch of the eyeliner. I have to say I'm not a huge fan of the liner it doesn't really glide on smooth it actually hurt my eye a little. I amy have gotten a bad one because I have had other eyeliners from elf work well. 
Here are some swatches of the shadows. They don't have names so I'll just go left to right with each row:

Do you have the ELF natural eye palette?? What do you think?

TinK xX


  1. i have a huge 144 ELF Palette and i think that it's great for the price. kinda chalky but workable.

  2. Definitely, I love elf they are so affordable and you can achieve the same look for less =)

  3. I love ELF!

    I nominated you for an award on my blog. :)

    Take care,

    Mandy Jean