Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hair Evolution

Hey Guys!,

To make up for my lack of posts lately I thought I would share my hair evolution. Since its almost the new year I thought it would be fitting to share all of my hair color changes and there are a lot lol.Let's start out with a fun one from when I was kid! Thats me on the left, nice hair right!! haha

Let's start out with the bob I had a few years back. I had it cut when Victoria Beckham's hair was all the rage. I loved it so much! Although it is definitely annoying trying to grow it out.
Later on I made my hair super blonde and used to put brown extensions in lol.
Flash forward a couple of years I made my hair an auburn red color  during  2011. 
Here I am again with my red hair. It was fun while it lasted but I don't think I'll be a redhead again.
I let the red fade and made it brown.
In the beginning of 2012 I added some honey blonde highlights to my hair .
Here I am again with highlights.
In the spring I added a ton more highlights.
Eventually in the summer I made my whole head super blonde. 
For the fall I added some dark brown to my hair and kept some blonde highlights.
I later added a little more brown to create the ombre effect.
Last week I made my hair blonde again. I just can't stay away lol.

I am so indecisive when it comes to my hair I go back and forth between blonde and brown and everything in between. I am going to leave my hair alone for a while because I don't want to do anymore damage. I use a lot of hair treatments and deep conditioners to keep it somewhat healthy. My boyfriend jokes that I change my hair color with the seasons lol.

Do any of you change your hair a lot?? What are your favorite colors to try??

Love, K xx

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