Saturday, April 28, 2012

April Favorites

1. Cetaphil lotion: I LOVE this stuff! I have very sensitive skin and this moisturizer has never irritated my skin in any way. I’ve been using it for a few years now and it never fails me. Lately I have been mixing some of my concealer with the lotion creating my own tinted moisturizer, which is great for summer. This lotion can be a little pricey around $15-20 depending on the size but to me it is worth it.
2. Hard Candy’s Glamoflauge concealer: This is the concealer that I have been using with the Cetaphil lotion. I like mixing it with a moisturizer because used on its own it can be a bit drying. The coverage is great, I think the only downside is that there are not many shade options. I have mine in light which works well for me because I like my concealers to be more on the lighter side. I purchased the glamoflauge concealer at Wal-Mart for $6.
3. Too Faced Sweet Dreams Palette: I have discussed this palette in the past in a review, but I’ve been so consumed with the naked and naked2 palettes I sort of neglected this one. Lately I have been loving 3 eyeshadows in particular from this palette: copper peony, teddy bear, and lovey dovey. I looked on to see if these colors were available individually and I only found copper peony, available on its own for $18. The sweet dreams palette sells for $52 which is a deal in terms of Too faced prices because you are getting 15 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, a highlight, a bronzer, and full tube of shadow insurance primer. (all of those on their own are around $18)
Below is a picture of 3 shadows:
4. NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk. I like to use this product to prime my eyes. I use this color all over my lid before applying shadow. This pencil can also be used as a highlight. Available at for $4.50
5. ELF brow clear gel mascara. I picked up this brow gel at target for $1. I like to use this mascara to keep my brows in place and it helps me to neaten them up. 
6. Essie nail polish in “a crewed interest”. This color is so pretty. Its a coral pink shade perfect for spring/summer. I picked up mine at CVS for $8.
7. Suave Keratin infusion color care shampoo: I’m a sucker for new products so this should come as no surprise. This shampoo is definitely less harsh on my hair and that may be because it contains less sulfates. Also I like the scent of the shampoo. You can find this product in most drugstores, or Target or Wal-Mart for $3-5. 
8. Suave kid’s detangler spray: I’m not sure if this was in my March favorites but it is worthy of repeating. It costs only a couple of bucks but has definitely made my hair way more manageable especially when I get out of the shower. I spray this all over my hair and then comb through with a wide tooth comb and I feel my hair is softer. 
9. Covergirl Lashblast mascara: The wand on this mascara makes all the difference. It seperates the lashes without clumping them. I put this mascara aside for a little bit but now I am back. This mascara usually sells for around $8-9, maybe cheaper at Target or Wal-Mart. 
10. Victoria Secret’s lip gloss in innocent/pink: Online the name of this lip gloss is pink but in stores it is still labeled as innocent, not sure why there was a name change. I have heard many people say this is a dupe for Nar’s popular lip gloss turkish delight. Personally I love this baby pink lip gloss but I typically don’t wear it by itself, it can be a bit too pale for my skin tone so I usually mix it with another gloss or lipstick. You can find this on the victoria’s secret website for $12. 
11. ELF Liquid eyeliner. Obsessed with this stuff. Quickly has become my FAVORITE eyeliner. The brush allows you to create the most precise line. Which is a great thing if you prefer a thinner liner. AND did I mention its only $1? Seriously go try it out!
TinK xX

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