Thursday, April 26, 2012


I don’t know about you guys but I have totally gotten into the dark lip trend for the fall/winter months. I have always been hesitant about dark lips but I recently decided to go for it! 
I know that they can be a bit dramatic so you may want to try it out at home or in the store first. 
Personally I decided to pick up a cheaper brand first just to try it out and see how the color looks on me. I choose NYC’s mahogany lipstick which is only 99 cents so I figured it was worth a try.
*apologies for the poor picture quality I’m in between apartments and don’t have my camera cord to connect to my computer yet.*
Anyways the color is sort of a deep wine with a brown undertone. The quality is decent for a dollar lipstick. It really was a stepping stone for me to get used to dark lips and try a more expensive brand.
So for Christmas Pepp bought me MAC’s Hang Up lipstick:
Hang up has a more red undertone where mahogany is brown. Mahogany is definitely more sheer and hang up is way more pigmented. Overall Hangup is better quality and can be dabbed on for a pretty pop of color or built upon for a dark dramatic lip. I also found hang up to be more moisturizing. 
If you don’t want to spend the money for a MAC lipstick I suggest trying NYC’s mahogany it is a pretty color at a great price. 
And if you are really into dark lips go for MAC’s Hang up you won’t be dissapointed!
A quick tip: When a applying a dark shade it is always best to line your lips so you don’t have any rough edges and your lipstick looks flawless. If you don’t have a lip liner no problem! Use a lip brush and the lipstick you are applying to line the lips and then add your lipstick. It will definitely look better than just applying the lipstick all over. Add gloss for a little shine if you like!
TinK xX

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