Thursday, April 26, 2012

ive been really busy (
and lazy
) and unfortunately i have not gotten a chance to post anything significant. but i hope to change that. soon. i promise. im feeling like im in a very jane austen-y mood so expect edwardian romance up the whazoo. yeah you heard me. jane austen. love it. but more on that later. but for now i finally got the chance to use all of my lush christmas presents and want to share the deets.
first up lush catastrophe cosmetic. this face mask features blueberries, almond oil, irish moss and chamomile which are supposed to calm inflammation and soothe the skin. not the most attractive of face masks but it smells pretty and blueberry-ish. i think it was soothing between the ingrediants and the fact it is refrigerated it feels really good in a way that only slimy clay can. i think that it did reduce the inflammation some but it feels like it left behind  a chalky residue that im not too keen on.
next up is lush cosmetic warrior. it has fresh garlic and tea tree oil which are natural antiseptics. it also includes grapes, honey, kaolin (a cleansing clay-mineral) and … free range eggs (
yuck factor
). i have mixed feelings about this one. on the one hand i think it really works. on the other its so disgusting. not nice but true. eggs? okay strange but i can deal with that. it is the garlic that causes a few problems. as i announced to tink: “i smell like i have two week old pasta on my face”. dont get me wrong i think it works but if you can deal with the unfortunate smell go for it. out of the three face masks i recieved (cosmetic warrior, cupcake, and catastrophe cosmetic) i feel fresh and clean after (if a little bit smelly).
last but not least is lush ocean salt. ocean salt is a face and body scrub rather than a face mask and i absolutely adore it. it has lime, coconut, sea salt and grapefruit which smells fresh and divine and makes you feel really clean and rejuvenated. my skin is bipolar. one day its oily and break out prone, the next it is bone dry and flakey and this scrub felt great whenever i used it. word of advice: dont use too often and dont scrub too hard (
duh right?
). the sea salt is really great and perfect for sloughing off dead skin but can be really damaging if you use it wrong. i definately recommend this! (thanks tink)
the long and short of it: the face masks were a nice gift but i have reservations about them and i am not sure if i would ever buy them for myself. they are a pain because they need to be refrigerated and expire quickly so i dont think it is worth it. and frankly two week old pasta is not kosher. but ocean salt is something i am on board with and will be buying again.
in the immortal words of tigger.
ta ta for now. pepp.

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