Thursday, April 26, 2012

Getting Bronze

Hey guys!,
 I thought I would pop on and talk about bronzers since summer is right around the corner. I currently have five bronzers in my makeup collection I swatched all of them below and will discuss my likes and dislikes about each and their price points:
1. Jane Mojave shimmering bronzer:
This bronzer is cool because you have all the different shades that can be used individually or swirled together. For the swatch I just mixed them all together. I don’t use this one all that often because it does have tons of shimmer so I definitely don’t recommend this one for contouring. However if you want a nice shimmery glow this might be right for you. I picked up mine at rite aid for 5.99. I don’t see this particular bronzer on the Jane website but they do have similar ones which I have linked here: Jane Bronzer , this one is actually on sale for $3. 
2. Sephora blockbuster kit bronzer: 
This bronzer is a little different because it is apart of a bigger kit. The blockbuster kit sells for $49.50 and contains tons of products, if you would like to see a review on it let me know. I included it because it is a nice bronzer but similar to the Jane it contains shimmer. I haven’t seen it sold separately but Sephora does have a limited edition bronzer/blush duo for $22 that looks pretty similar. Honestly I’m not sure if it is worth money I’ve only used mine because I got the big kit. I would say head over to Sephora to swatch and try it out for yourself.
3. Too Faced Chocolate Soleil:
This bronzer is one of my favorites. There is absolutely no shimmer in it which makes it perfect for contouring or an overall bronzed look. Also it smells just like chocolate which is an added bonus. The only downside is that it retails at Sephora for $29. 
4. NYC Smooth skin Bronzing powder in Sunny:
NYC’s Sunny is definitely another one of my favorites. I tend to like matte bronzers a lot more and this is a cheaper alternative to the too faced bronzer. They look pretty similar but for a fraction of the cost. This bronzer retails for $2.99 and I picked mine up from CVS. 
5. MAC Golden:
I have this bronzer in the fab-racadabra bronze face kit which unfortunately I don’t think they sell anymore, you might be able to find it online. For me personally I wasn’t all that impressed. I’m not sure if its because it was in this kit and is better on its own but it is a very sheer bronzer. This might good for you if you just want a subtle bronzed glow. Golden has a tiny bit of shimmer to it as well. 
Okay guys, hope you enjoyed this big post about bronzers! 
TinK xX


  1. Beautiful and very inspiring posts and blog! We share the same passion so let's follow each other!:)

  2. Thank you so much! You have amazing style, I look forward to reading your posts! :)