Thursday, April 26, 2012


Hey guys so I headed over to bath and body works today because I had a 20% off coupon for the month of April. They are also having a sale for the large 3 wick candles which are currently 2 for $20.  A great deal considering one alone is regularly $19.50
The first candle I picked up was Paris Daydream I think its a really pretty romantic scent. Its girly and on the floral side but its not too strong.
The second candle was Island Colada this is a great tropical scent that smells just like a pina colada. 
I bought 3 mini products:
Of course I picked up some more white citrus shower gel I think its a really fresh and clean scent thats not too overpowering.
Secondly I grabbed the true blue lotion in shea butter but ended up giving that to my cousin for to try
And the last little extra is something I have never tried so I’m a little nervous. It is the true blue apricot and white tea face scrub, I’ll definitely keep you posted on that.
I thought I would give you guys a run down of how much I spent on this stuff, in total with my coupon I paid $26.12 for all of it. I got the candles for $8 when they are normally $19.50 and I got all the little extras for $2.66 each when they are normally 5-6 dollars each. I love a bargain and bath and body works has a lot of great sales going on right now!
TinK xX

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