Thursday, April 26, 2012


I have found myself addicted to rollers lately, I have a set of hot rollers and jumbo Velcro ones. I love the Velcro rollers because of the volume they give, but my hair is so straight and flat that I need a good amount of time to let them set. 
So when I’m in a hurry I use my trusty conair hot rollers.
Today I used my rollers and thought I would share with you guys how I use them.
First I section off my crown and clip it out of the way.
Next I take the hair directly behind my ear and bring it forward and roll that in
Next I take the rest of the bottom section and roll that straight up
I repeat this on the other side
Then I begin to separate my crown into sections I start by taking one or two sections on the back of my crow and roll them in 
Then I usually take two sections on each side of my head and roll them in as well
My bangs I roll straight up like the bottom layer
I’m sure this is super confusing reading so I might have to do a video tutorial on it to make each step is more clear
Today I tried L’oreal’s elnett hair spray and I really like it. It doesn’t make my hair super stiff which I love, but it does have a weird smell to it. It kind of reminds me of a cinnamon raisin bagel haha. 
Heres a couple of pictures of the finished look:
P.S. I highlighted my hair myself!
TinK xX

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