Thursday, April 26, 2012


As promised I am going to give you my first impressions of the beauty blender. For a quick side note I ordered a two pack from amazon for $18 typically for two beauty blenders its around $40, so I thought I got a deal. Anyway this is what they looked like when I received them:
As advised I used mine damp. There is an instructional video on and they also come with an instruction card. Just so you guys can see the difference here is one dry beauty blender and one damp one:
They expand when they are wet and become even softer.
Okay so here are my thoughts and judging by the title of this post I’m sure you already know. I love them!! They make application so much easier I don’t worry about those streaky lines some brushes can cause. I find that it covers evenly and is also quick in terms of application. 
My only negatives about the product is I wish it was a bit cheaper because eventually I will need new ones. Also cleaning them isn’t the easiest task. I can tell the sponge is already stained in some spots, but maybe that is because I did not buy their cleanser. I’m not sure. 
I will let you guys know if anything changes as I use this product! Overall I’m glad I purchased them.
Here are a couple of pictures of the finished look:

Love my beauty blenders!
TinK xX

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