Thursday, April 26, 2012


so christmas has come and gone and santa-baby left alot of awesome goodies behind which i definitely feel the need to share. i got two new wigs, rihanna red and kermit green. still feeling them out but i will definitely post more about them including pictures when i get it all sorted. i also got a number of other awesome beauty thing-a-magigs that i want to share with the rest of the class. first up is a few things from the lush line of products.
(little background for ya: lush is a line of handmade organic animal friendly products ranging from makeup to soaps to lotions to even henna hair dye. they have tons and tons of different things and it is my mission to try them all. i really loved what the company stood for so i decided to try it and now i have definite things i could not do with out. my absolute favorites are the coalface soap, and the herbalism an dark angels face scrubs. they leave my sometimes oily and ance-prone other times dry and flakey skin feeling fresh and clean.)
so for christmas i put some new lush stuff on my list and after being checked twice for naughtiness santa (and his little auburn haired elf) delivered with flourish. i tried the first new product last night and i have mixed feelings. first up was cupcake fresh face mask. 
it has peppermint and spearmint in it that is supposed to be good for oily/broken out skin. when i put it on my skin felt tingle and being cleaned which continued as i washed of the mask and watched son television. but …  dun dun dun … within a half hour my skin felt twice as oily as before. i am not sure if it is a direct connection but i have mixed feelings about this one. i am going to try it a few more times to see and i will let you know.
dif-tor heh smusma. pepp.

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