Thursday, April 26, 2012

okay so tonight i decided to try something with my hair. since i am trying to save money i switched back from blonde to my natural dark brown because the upkeep is expensive. i have been considering ombre lately because there is little to no need for upkeep and it seemed easy enough to do myself. so i figured why the hell not? so with one hand (i pulled something in my other) and a box of revlon frost and glow i went to work. i made the mixture, inhaling some tasty powder in the process then got to it (i decided to use an eyeshadow brush to apply because only a hook is included in the box). my hair is shoulder length with long layers so i pulled the top layer up into and bun and applied the stuff to the rest, focusing on the ends. i was very haphazard and just painted like a madwoman. i made sure to really get the face framing pieces covered. i let down the rest of my hair and lightly (VERY LIGHTLY) added some thin pieces and painted the ends so it wasnt such a weird drastic change. since i wanted it to look natural i did not leave it on for very long. unfortunately i was chicken and took it off too soon. eh. worked out for the best because i was looking less ombre more zebra. i fixed my mistakes and i kind of like it. its subtle. i probably could have made it stand out a little more but i didnt want to look like a goof. so if you are bored and tired of the upkeep of traditional highlights i recommend it. although it is more difficult than you think so take your time and you should probably have a better took than an eyeshadow brush.
on a side note: i used my new rusk deep shine oil advanced marine therapy shampoo and conditioner and i am not impressed. my hair wasnt any shinier or moisturized and it smells like i bathed in mens shave gel. thankfully i didnt pay for it i won it from luckymag but i definitely dont recommend it.
go forth and be merry. pepp.

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