Thursday, April 26, 2012


green is the new pink. i swear. or was it black? anywho. i, like the effervescent miss piggy, get a little warm and fuzzy over green so it stands to reason i would include it in all aspects of my life. including makeup. i went to mac (as per usual) and picked up a few grassy hues: pro longwear eyeshadow in fresh flare and eyeshadows in greensmoke and plumage 
(plumage is matte. only problem. eh. : /)
. they are all really different but work really well together if done right. i played around a little bit and did my usual smudge smoke which ended up looking pretty good. toot. (that was me tooting my own horn.) while i like the traditional smokey eye i rarely take the time to do it properly. instead i often do something i call smudge thats a lot less precise but a little more badass. in my opinion. basically its a fade but smudge sounds sexier. i think. maybe. 
start off with fresh flare and use a large blending brush, like mac’s 286 duo fibre blending brush, to apply to lids continuing up into the crease. little above is fine just please please no brow bone. precision is not necessary and hell i kind of frown upon it. a couple swipes is needed to really saturate the gorgeous kelly green. dont fear you wont have mimi eyes it will be toned down later.
next up use the same brush (no need to wipe it off) to swipe greensmoke from the middle of lid to the outside corner. it is a really great bronzed olive that brings plumage and fresh flare together.
then again with the same frog-y brush swipe plumage in the outer corners. because of the inprecise application and the brush there should be a natural fade. if not, you suck. im kidding! maybe : )
now heres the part where you have to pay attention. using a small angled brush drag greensmoke along the lower last line from outer corner to just before the middle. focus the color on the outside corner only pulling a little bit of color further.
finish off by lining the upper lid with black. i used black eye shadow with a wet brush but liquid/cream/etc is fine. then tammy faye baker up your lashes and hello there sexy.
tip: if you have a little bit of crazy going on or just need some refining q-tip is my go to saver.
 fresh flare.
next up: im dying to try humid. and i want to try purples. never been a fan but willing to try.
goodnight and good luck. pepp.

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