Thursday, April 26, 2012


This Too faced palette contains an eye shadow insurance primer, fifteen eye shadows, two blushes, one highlighter and one bronzer. This palette is a little pricey at $52. It was given to me as a gift and I am definitely grateful! 

Okay so lets get into it: Eyeshadows
Im going to start from the top left:
Lovey Dovey:is a really pretty shimmery brown. It has beautiful gold shimmer in it and I have even used it as a liner. 
Teddy Bear: Definitely one of my favorite colors in the palette. This shadow is a light matte brown. It’s a great color for filling eyebrows or even a brown smokey eye.
Copper Peony: I haven’t used this color much but it is a very shimmery copper gold color.
Peach Fuzz: This shadow can be used as a highlight it fine shimmers in it.
In the Buff: Is a matte finish shadow. Which I have used as a highlight. If you don’t really like shimmery shadows this shadow will be good for you. I have heard some people complain that this shadow can be a bit chalky but I haven’t had that experience.
~Second Row~
Smolder: This shadow is a matte black. It’s not a stark black so its not too dramatic. A great color for a smokey eye as well as a liner.
Nice Ash: Is a very pretty grey shadow with fine silver shimmers in it. Combining nice ash with smolder would definitely be a great pairing for a smokey eye.
Party Girl: This purple shadow makes a statement! It has blue shimmers in it and is a bright purple. 
Cut the Cake: Is a lilac shadow with a silver hue to it. This color is would look nice with green eyes.
Satin Sheets: This color is a very shimmery light pink. Great for a highlight color but again tons of shimmer in this shadow so if thats not you stick with in the buff.
~Third Row~
First Dance: Is a deep matte purple color. If you wanted to combining first dance, cut the cake and party girl would make a purple smokey eye.
Cop a Teal: This shadow is beautiful! It reminds me of a peacock. A beautiful teal color with shimmer.
Nice Stems:  I haven’t used this shadow yet. Its a bright green with tons of shimmer!
Label Whore: Reminds me of cop a teal but darker with lots of different shimmer shades. Its one of those shadows that looks different in different lighting.
Honeymoon: This shadows is also very shimmery. Its sort of a gold-olive color. 
Overall the shadows are very pretty not a lot of matte shadows but the ones that are matte are important colors like black, brown and white and even a deep purple. The shadows are very pigmented as well. They are all very good quality.
~Shadow Insurance~
I haven’t really noticed a difference with this primer although lately I have done very natural looks, so I’ll update when I do heavy eye makeup.
Cocoa Rose:  (top left) A dark pink colors with a matte finish. This color can be great for contouring. 
Sweet Pink: A much brighter pink blush with fine shimmer. 
Chocolate Soleil Bronzer: I really like this color for contouring its dark enough to really make contouring pop. 
Candlelight glow: A beautiful highlight with shimmer I use this color on the apples of my cheeks and above where I contoured. It does have a lot of shimmer so sometimes I’ll mix it with the matte in the buff to cut down on all the shimmer.
~Overall thoughts and Packaging~
The packaging of the palette looks like a story book very girly and romantic. It can be a bit bulky though. The palette also included 3 cards with different ideas for looks. Overall I am very happy with the palette I enjoy the quality of Too Faced. What I really love is the bronzer and the variety of shadows. 
Okay finally we are done with this review I think it is safe to say I am sick of the word shimmer haha! 
Happy Holidays!
TinK xX

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