Thursday, April 26, 2012


I ordered a few things from ELF last week and I wanted to share them. 
The first thing I ordered was the flawless finish foundation in sand. Which I have written about on here before. I absolutely love this foundation and have used it so much I needed to order another one. I tried using a maybelline foundation but its just not the same. I also love that it only costs $6.
Next I really wanted to try the HD powder. 
I have used it a couple of times already and I love it. After I apply my foundation I use this powder to set everything and it gives my face a great matte finish. 
I ordered a couple of lip glosses. The first was the pink candy glossy gloss. 
This gloss is a beautiful shade of pink. It can be a little too pink for me though so I usually mix it with some other colors.
The other glossy gloss I purchased is very similar but its more natural. Sweet Salmon:
They look almost identical in these pictures so I will have to upload a swatch picture so you can see the difference. I like using this color with the revlon lip butter creme brulee the two mixed with a little pink candy are almost a dupe for nars turkish delight. Which I have yet to find the perfect dupe of. A lot of people have recommended bonne belle’s strawberry parfait. Besides the color of the glosses, they are very moisturizing and don’t have a strong scent to them.
I went ahead and ordered a brush cleaner as well. It gets the job done and I have no complaints so far.
I needed a new eyeliner and ordered the waterproof eyeliner pen. It only costs a dollar so what the heck.
I didn’t expect much from this product being that it felt so lightweight like a marker and only costs a buck. HOWEVER ELF never ceases to amaze me. I fell in love with this product I get a great thin line that can easily be built upon. And the color pay off is great.  I could not be more please with the product. 
Finally I ordered some eyelashes for Pepp. I haven’t given them to her yet so once I do she will have to try them out and give a review. This is what they look like, they are the hollywood lashes:
TinK xX

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