Thursday, April 26, 2012


I just used this repair mask today for the first time. 
I have had my eye on it for a while but kept putting off buying it because of the price. It costs 30 dollars and to me that just seemed like too much. However I was able to find it on Amazon for $17 and I also had an amazon gift card so I figured I should finally go ahead and buy it. Recently I have started highlighting my hair and that has certainly done some damage.
My hair has been feeling dry and my redken deep conditioner wasn’t getting the job done. A while back I purchased the Redken real control intense renewal mask and to be honest I barely noticed a difference. After I would blow dry my hair it felt just as dry as it did when I wasn’t using the product. Maybe I needed something more moisturizing but it did not work for me. 
I can honestly say after one use of the macademia mask I feel a difference. MY hair is definitely more soft and looks shinier. I have noticed a little bit of frizz but nothing I can’t handle. I’ll update you guys as I continue to use this product. 
I also purchased Aussies 3 minute repair mask which costs 3-4 dollars. I figured I could alternate these two conditioners. I read a lot of positive feedback on the aussie conditioner, but I haven’t tried out yet. So stay tuned for that.
I have an ELF haul that should be up soon! Sorry I haven’t been on here in a while.
TinK xX

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